0 to 100 Real Quick

He has no diploma, no connections and no background in business. His drive and passion is what earned the respect from a multi millionaire who agreed to take him under their wing.

He would ask his parents for money to go get a burger from McDonalds and now has the ability to take his parents out to dinner to a point they can choose whatever they want from the menu.

He couldn’t afford a car and barely afforded train and bus tickets. He saved his money and bought his first car.

He was a punk and now he is a gentleman.

He went from gold chains and snapbacks to now suits and ties.

He used to try and impress people to now having a desire to help others.

He worked at a gym where he refilled hand sanitizer and paper towels to now working as an Account Executive.

He was judgmental and now he is understanding.

He is an inspiration, an over-achiever and someone who overcame his struggles. The process wasn't easy but if you ask him, it was well worth it.

There were nights of doubt, anger and fear. The most admiring part of his story is that he pushed through. His confidence, what he told himself everyday and his purpose is what got him out of bed each and everyday.

It's not what happens to you, but how you respond is what matters.

He responded, "I'm good enough! I'm capable! I have a purpose! My parents fought hard to come to this country and I'm going to make sure their sacrifices for me were worth it."

I believe if he keeps his faith and positive attitude throughout his journey, his dreams will become a reality...real quick.