2020: The Year of Change & Growth

A change of a decade is an opportunity for growth.

2019 geared me up for 2020. The lessons I’ve learned are getting put to the test. 2019 was the year I leased my first car, earned my first promotion, learned to get out of my comfort zone, I publicly spoke to over 1,000 professionals on stage, I lost 10lbs and reached my fitness and health goals. If I had to describe 2019 in one word it would be: Belief. I learned to believe in myself. I believe God has big plans for my boyfriend and I. I believe I can do anything I put my mind to. I truly believe one day, all my goals and dreams will come true as long as I keep my head up and when I get knocked down, I jump right up!

The beginning of 2020 I felt as if my world had gone upside down. The news I received was heartbreaking and I felt my family was going to fall apart from it. However, things are getting better. I applied what I've learned from last year into this new decade. Forgiveness is so important and I have to remember it’s not my fault it happened, and everything happens for a reason. Once I finally found the reason, broken relationships have replenished and have gotten stronger.

My association is changing. If I want to be successful, I need to surround myself with those who will encourage, love and lift me up rather than tear me down. Who you associate with can affect your mood and energy either for the good or for the bad. I learned to love those people and wish them all the best but I also learned to set boundaries.

Awareness in our lifestyle arose. We learned that if we stick to the same routine, we will attract the same results. Goals have been made and our motivation to succeed in our business and careers is through the roof! Words to describe this change are urgency, focus, intentionality and a results-oriented attitude. To achieve different results, you need to install different habits into your life.

I look in the mirror and find a shiny grey strand of hair. Time isn’t stopping for anyone and passes by so quickly. Have you ever heard someone say, “you only live once?” Usually when I hear people say that they cheat on their diet, do something adventurous or buy themselves a latte from Starbuks. I’m taking it to a deeper level. From this point forward, the choices I make will have a positive impact in what we all take for granted, life. If you woke up this morning, there’s no excuse as to why you can’t succeed and be a blessing in someone's life.

Before I can impact others, I need to focus on my well-being. What food am I putting in my body? What am I worried about? How come I experience anger in certain situations? How can I love and forgive those who hurt me? What’s my spiritual life like? Am I investing into my future? Am I spending countless hours scrolling on social media? What are my long-term goals? Am I working towards those goals each and every day? Is my current association lifting me up or bringing me down?

To answer these questions, it requires change. LOTS of change. I’m willing to make changes in order to grow as a person. 2020 is the year of growth and change. Change can be good. It may not feel like it at first however, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t understand or recognize the reason until minutes, months or even decades later!

I encourage you to answer the questions I asked myself above and to positively impact your life this year. #YOLO