365 Days = 365 Opportunities

There are 8,760 hours in a year which equates to 365 days. How are you looking to spend 2021? I want to challenge you to utilize these hours to your advantage.

Let’s start with a day. In total we have 24 hours per day. What if we assign each hour a purpose? You may be thinking,”what the heck is she talking about?” Even if we had 25 hours per day the same excuse would occur,”there just isn't enough time.” Within those 24 hours we have time set aside to sleep. The purpose of sleep is to rest our bodies and minds for the next day. What are you resting for? Are you resting to play video games all day or to gain energy to go to work?

What’s your reason as to why your body needs rest? A deep question but one worth answering. The average time an adult sleeps is 7-9 hours per day. What do we do with the rest of our time? We set time to sleep then we can set time to invest in our future. Everyone’s “investment” can look different.

For me, I will invest in my future by educating myself on a daily basis whether that is reading, listening to audios, interviewing sought out individuals or working on my personal development. That of course, takes time. Let’s hypothetically say that takes us an hour per day. What’s the purpose of that hour? The purpose of education is to apply what we learn. Why did we go to school to learn our ABC’s? It wasn't just for giggles and because there wasn't anything else to do, it was so we can apply what we learn which resulted in reading and writing. Now you may think that’s silly however, nowadays we have all this education at our fingertips and can research anything! What is it that people fill up their brains with knowledge and not apply what they learn? I wish I had the answer however, I just have theories that I wont get into on this post.

Now that we talked about sleep and education, let’s talk about our careers. The purpose of the hours spent working in our careers is simply for a paycheck. Are you saving your paycheck and investing into your future or are you blowing your money out the window? Now, I’m not saying to be so frugal that you don't enjoy yourself however, what I’m saying is to not only spend your time wisely but also your money.

You may be wondering why I chose the title of this post. I chose this name because there is an opportunity to be found each and every day. You had a stressful day at work? How did you overcome it? What lessons did you learn?

Did you learn something new over the internet? How are you going to apply it? Nowadays, there is no reason to not obtain success. There are endless opportunities to explore. I always thought that once I started something, I needed to finish it. However, I want to remind you it’s ok to explore different avenues as well and to not feel guilty. Every day is a learning opportunity to learn about yourself and to use your God given gifts.

Each hour of purpose doesn't need to be strictly eat, sleep, work and repeat either. You may want to enjoy yourself and watch a movie, that is ok too. The purpose of that may be that you need to wind down and relax. We are humans and not robots. However, I’m not advising you to use “purpose” as a way to justify actions as well. Everything is moderation at the end of the day. However, when you save money your bank account grows quicker and that’s the same mindset you need with time. Save your time by applying your knowledge to reach your fullest potential. Your success depends on you and how you want to utilize your time and days.

You are smart, knowledgeable and can do anything you put your mind to. Don't be so quick to “spend” time but rather give each day, hour and minute a purpose.

You have 8,760 hours in 2021 and that in my opinion, is plenty of time to learn a great deal about yourself as long as you're giving each hour a purpose. Every year you are offered 365 opportunities to get closer to your end goal.