A New Business Venture

Have you ever felt stuck? You’ve been going down the right path however, you feel like there's so much to accomplish in the world we live in? That's how I feel!

I’m succeeding in my career and earned a promotion however, I’m looking for more.

I have an e-commerce based business that is growing rapidly however, I’m looking for more.

I love writing posts for The Brooks Journal and connected with wonderful individuals along the way however, I’m looking for more.

Don't get me wrong, I’m super appreciative for where I am and what I've learned from my career, business and blog but, success in my mind is indefinite and there’s no ending point. As I advance, I want to apply those skills to further myself.

I’m excited to announce my boyfriend and I are partnering up to start a clothing company called Breanne Nicole. This is an online premium women fashion company based in New York that provides stylish clothing that expresses feelings of confidence. A stylish outfit + a good feeling = an appealing look!

Did you think I’m going to drop everything I've been doing and just focus on the clothing line? Absolutely not! My job supports my e-commerce business, my e-commerce business provides me with connections and education and The Brooks Journal is where I share my passions and thoughts with a network i've established!

The Brooks Journal is the perfect platform for this because not only am I able to share my thoughts and passions however, I’m able to share my fashion favorites with all of you!

Stay tuned for our upcoming launch date within the next few weeks!

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