Book of The Month - May 2020

Creating Progress In a World of Change

By: Dean Lindsay

“In times of crisis, people reach for meaning. Meaning is strength. Our survival may depend on our seeking and finding it.” - Dr. Viktor Frankl

Let’s start with: Why this book?

In unprecedented times, it’s important more than ever to have strength. To find your strength you need purpose. Once you have a purpose, you're going to progress towards it. Progress is a positive action. This book offers tips, ideas and an action plan to create progress in this complicated and rapidly changing world we live in.

As many of you know, common sense isn’t too common. I love how the author presses upon not only knowing information but putting it into action. You can ‘know’ so much but if you don’t do anything with that knowledge then, what's the point?

In this book, I’ve learned The 6 P’s of Progress which are:

  1. Peace of Mind

  2. Pleasure

  3. Profit

  4. Prestige

  5. Pain Avoidance

  6. Power

We all strive for these feelings. I'm learning in the book that change doesn't always equal progress however, progress equals change.

It's crazy how 2020 I call it "The Year of Change & Growth." When I think of change, it's going to be progressive change in my life. Every day I'm going to choose to progress by installing positive habits in my life.

I started by asking ask myself, "How am I starting my day?"

I feel I'm the type of person that will click the snooze button, hurry up and get ready then run out the door for work. A positive change for me is to start my day off right which includes more time in the morning to wake up and read something positive, getting my clothes ready the night before, listening to a positive podcast in the morning and making an effort to have breakfast. (This week I had boiled eggs!)

I feel this change will help me progress because I'll be in the right state of mind starting my day, everyday.

What I've learned in this book is an attitude of servitude. Progression means taking your eyes off yourself and unto others. Rather than taking things personal, have empathy. Put yourself in the other persons shoes. Listen to others as they are speaking. We all have two ears and one month for a reason!

Progress. Progress at home. Progress at work. Progress in your spiritual life. Progress in your relationships. Progress in your business. Progress at school. Progress within.

We're not making progress...we are Progress.

Don’t let the outside world be an excuse to not reach your goals, make it a reason. I encourage you all to first, read this book. Then, apply what you’ve learned. I look forward to hearing about your progression!

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