Respect & What It Means To Me

I posted on my instagram (@Thebrooksjournal) a few days ago asking my followers for any suggestions for my next blog post. Below is the topic request:

I think a topic that needs to be expanded on is having common respect for everyone and the people who are sensitive to certain topics. I feel people judge others about that so quickly but you never know what goes on in someone’s life so it’s really important to respect everyone and hear people out.

I chose this request because this one hits home for me. Have you ever heard someone say, "Respect is earned not given?" I dislike that statement and I'm going to counter it. I believe respect she be given to every individual no matter their status, title, race, religion, sex and beliefs.

Some of us may look different on the outside however, we are all the same on the inside. We all have a heart that is full of people we love and who love us. We all have a brain which carries our memories, ideas and thoughts. We all have nerves which means we share feelings such as loss, heartbreak, hurt, joy, happiness and anger. We all have a mouth which means we want to be heard and to feel important. I can go on and on about what we have in common. If you look inside, you will learn we have more in common rather than not in common.

Respect however, works both ways. I don't care if you are a Waitress or a Vice President for a company, I respect all human-beings no matter what.

Do you know what ‘status’ stands for?







So many of us wonder why we are not successful or why we aren't where we want to be in life. Not only should you respect others however, you should respect yourself. Once you learn how to respect yourself, you will get a sense of what respect looks like from others. If people don't respect you for whatever reason it shows their lack of character and respect for themselves.

I encourage you all to respect your voice, body, mind, and ideas. Stop looking at where you were and start looking where you want to go.