Hair Health

What an opportunity it is to ask a professional cosmetologist questions about the topic, "hair health." I don't know about you but I never know what to believe when I read online because majority of the time, I don't even know who wrote what I'm researching and if they are a credible resource! I'm curious about the topic of hair health because there's so much jumbo online that I never know what's true and what's a myth! I decided to reach out to the successful owner of Hemlock Salon, Erin Hassan. Who's Erin Hassan? She's simply amazing and creative! What are her credentials? Erin has graduated from the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis, she completed an apprenticeship at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead and later became known as a "break out star" and worked there for 10 years. She lead many Aveda hair-shows and has been nominated three times for the prestigious North American Hair Awards (NAHA). Additionally, she did editorial and styling work for New York Fashion Week, completed advanced training with Sassoon and decided to embrace her inner-herbalist by completing Botanologos School of Herbal Studies. Now that's someone I'd love to learn about hair health from! I mean who wouldn’t? Below are the following questions answered by Erin: 1. What’s the common misconception you feel people have when it comes to hair health? To start, when it comes to hair health, I believe there's a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you feed your body the nutrients it needs?

  • Are you getting proper sleep?

  • Do you have a work/life balance?

  • Is your hair chemically treated?

  • Do you use heat tools?

  • Do you have high stress levels?

In my opinion, taking care of your body is so important when it comes to healthy hair. Please note, healthy hair is partially genetics as well! There's a huge misconception of using products that we "think" are good for us because we saw them advertised online, at a store and/or a salon. Did you know that there aren't a lot of laws protecting consumers which makes it 10x more important to really educate yourself on what you use on your hair.

2. Are there natural remedies you can do at home to maintain healthy hair? If so, what are your recommendations? There are many natural remedies! Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Eat healthy (of course!)

  • Maintain stress levels

  • If possible, don’t use heat tools everyday (maybe save it for the weekends!)

I love doing castor oil treatments by simply massaging the scalp with it. Jojoba oil is a favorite of mine because it's a much lighter oil. I prefer to apply it to my scalp and sleep with it overnight with a shampoo cap on. Then, I wash it out in the morning. Here's the link:

As far as not washing hair and using dry shampoo, in my opinion it's such a broad statement that I hear all the time! Each person has specific needs and no two people are alike. The dryer the hair the longer you can go in between washes however, finer hair has to be cleansed more often (even if you just use water!) it's important for finer hair to scrub the scalp to help unclog pores.

3. What’s a tip you can share for healthy hair? MODERATION is everything! Use moderation when it comes to heat tools, chemicals and unhealthy food! In all 18 years of doing hair I would say that the most damage comes from high stress levels and the overuse of heat tools such as flat irons and curling irons. 4. What are some on-the-go hairstyles you prefer that don’t require using heat tools? I'm a big fan of showering at night, combing the hair into place, using the right products and then scrunch or twist the hair before sleeping on it. In the morning, all I do is touch up with a bit of product such as sea salt spray or texture spray. Sometimes I'll add a little hit of the blow dryer to mold it into place. Don't forget, everyone's hair texture is different! My hair is naturally fine, medium and straight. I recommend talking to your hairdresser about what would work for your hair since they have experience with working on your hair. You can even book a blow dry lesson which is always helpful!

5. How often should someone go get a haircut? The two things I base reoccurring haircuts are the style and length.

  • Short hair is 4-6 weeks

  • Medium hair is 6-8 weeks

  • Long hair is 8-12 weeks

I recommend my clients to never go past 12 weeks without cutting their hair because your hairstyle is completely grown out by then and will lose it’s shape. Another factor is, the strength of the clients hair. Dry hair can be caused by color, genetics, heat tools and/or age. If your hair is on the dryer side there's more of an upkeep to keep your hair ends fresh. The oilier the hair, the longer you can go without cutting it. Side note, it's important that your hairstylist knows you. I have some clients who never want to see a split end and others, who are ok with a few and use hair oil to temporarily seal them. In my opinion, I don't recommend letting split ends get too out of control (not more than 1/2 inch!) because you will have to cut more hair than anticipated. 6. Any additional thoughts/recommendations? I would love to share my advice to those looking to stay up to date with the latest season trends. Please note, what you see on a magazine and/or celebrity, may not always be the most complimentary style for you. We all have different features, hair types, textures and lifestyles. What may work for some, will not work for all. Some questions I recommend asking yourself are: 1. How much time do I want to spend in the morning styling my hair? 2. How often can I visit the salon to maintain my current hairstyle? I encourage you all to find a trustworthy hairstylist who can best advise that right style for you! If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to comment on this post or follow @hemlocksalon on instagram. Thank you Erin for sharing your expertise with us all!