Here Comes The Sun

Have you ever listened to a song and felt it was written personally for you? Depending on how you're feeling, a song can speak to you. The artist can have one meaning for the song and you can have another. That's the beautiful thing about music, in my opinion.

My boyfriend is preparing to go to the grocery store which includes his mask, gloves and hand sanitizer. We made the decision that I'll sit in the car and wait, since it's safer. Nowadays, the grocery store isn't the safest place. Crazy, right?

I'm waiting in the car and looking at my surroundings. I can barely tell what people look like because they have masks over their face. There’s this woman and I remember her facial expression so clearly. She was sitting in the car next to me, in the passenger seat just looking straight ahead with a mask on her face. Her face told me a story.

The song, "Here Comes The Sun," by The Beatles started to play in the car. Woah, did that song make me think! I felt like the lyrics were telling me that woman's story. If only I could knock on her window and encourage her to listen to it with me.

It's a great feeling to remember that there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Darkness makes me feel lonely, scared and lost. What's the opposite of darkness? Light. "Here Comes The Sun" reminded me that there's light waiting for us.

Everyday and every night we experience the sun and moon. There's not a day in our life we don't experience the sun. We have to remember that especially in the toughest of times. When tough days occur, better ones are lined up to come.

The lyric, it feels like years since it's been here. Can anyone else relate to this lyric? It feels like years since we've lived normal lives. The world is shifting and changing quickly however, it's going to be alright because smiles, laughter and joy are right around the corner. We have to remember, it's alright.

The lyric, It seems like years since its been clear. I think of a blurry picture that we cannot make out. An unclear picture leads to opinions, uncertainty and confusion. We need to keep moving forward and I'm certain the picture will become clear again.

The sun doesn't stay down forever. Lightness, safety and blessings are on our way. I encourage you all to remind yourself, it's going to be alright.