How To Start A Blog

One day you wake up and you have this marvelous want to start a blog! Whether you had this idea for hours, days, months or years; there's a reason why you chose to read this post. In my opinion, I think you are ready.

As many of you know I started my blog back in January of 2020 and within these last 4 months I hit 1,000 followers, published 19 posts(including this one!) recorded my first podcast with Positive Perspectives which is published on Spotify & Apple Podcast(Here's the link: & most importantly, I established many connections with sought out influencers!

Ready to start a blog? Follow the below guidelines:

  • Start. Don't wait for the perfect time. Enough of the waiting and just start. So many of us fear starting because everything has to be "perfect." There's no such thing as a perfect time and if you continue waiting, it's never going to happen.

  • Post consistently. To post consistently have your posts lined up. I recommend starting with 100 posts that are ready to be posted. This way when life gets busy, your post is ready for you and will only take seconds to share! Thats your "inventory." I personally use to help me stay consistent with my posting when it comes to social media. Additionally, I'm a very organized person so on my calendar I have dates for when I'm going to release blog posts.

  • Create a new social media account. Depending on your niche, your personal account may not align with it. Additionally, if you feel friends/family won't support you then stay anonymous. Is your goal to inspire people in a certain area or is it to get recognized? Once you hit your follower goal, then maybe that will be an appropriate time to share it with your friends and family. I personally enjoy establishing a brand new network outside my personal network. However, I'm NOT advising you to not share it with loved ones however, this is what I've done.

  • Save your work. I recommend always having a backup of all your social media posts and blogs posts saved in a file as backup.

  • Advertise. I'm not talking about billboards! I'm talking about free advertisement. Can you guess where you can get FREE advertisement? SOCIAL MEDIA! Establish a twitter, instagram, facebook and pintrest account. Using social media, I encourage my followers to checkout

  • Create A Website. Personally, I do not like to rely on social media only and the reason being is because I don't own it! However, when you create a website you have all rights to it. For instance, let's say your favorite social media platform get's deleted. Now what? All your hard work is up in the air. However, when you establish a website, your material won't get deleted unless you personally delete it.

  • Encourage people. Don't just post about it...actually do it! Share ideas, thoughts and comments with others in your field. It helps build a genuine following. When you show interest in others, they show interest in you.

  • Collaborate. Form partnerships and team up with one another! I highly advise before partnering up with someone, to vet their page. Make sure they are credible & their line of work matches with yours. I never want to put my name on something that I don't ethically agree with. Connections lead to collaboration. I connect with others by reaching out to them personally through a private message. What does this private message look like?

  1. Tell them what you like about their page

  2. Share your idea for collaboration

  3. Ask them if they are interested

  4. Show them your page for credibility

Here's an example: I love how you talk about dogs on your page! I had an idea on writing a post on dogs. Would you be interested in collaborating? If so, check out my page by visiting [fill in the blank]

PLEASE NOTE: Your message must be genuine! People can read right through you when you aren't therefore, that can ruin your reputation.

  • Set goals. Set weekly goals as to how many followers you'd like to have at the end of the week. Not every goal will be hit, but that's okay. Keep on keeping on! Remember, don't go into conversations with a hidden agenda either to reach your goal. Stay genuine!

  • Seek Advice. Seek advice from those who accomplished what you're looking to do. Trust me, there are a lot of nice people in the world who are willing to share their expertise. Don't just reach out to one, reach out to a few!

  • Don't Spam. Stop with the whole copied/pasted messages. It's not genuine and no one enjoys it. You're trying to create followers not unfollowers. #RealTalk

Now that you learned about these guidelines, I highly recommend taking out a pen and paper and writing the answers to these questions:

  1. What's your niche?

  2. Who's your target audience?

  3. What's your brand/account name?

  4. What's your logo? (I recommend putting your logo on each post you share!)

  5. Why are you starting this? (Answering this question will be a great start for your bio!)

  6. What social media platforms do I need to create?

Let's talk about roadblocks. Think you're going to experience them? YOU BET! You might be experiencing them now as you're reading this post. I don't know what roadblocks you will experience specifically because everyone's journey is unique. I can only share with you my personal experience. Especially when starting my blog, I experienced these roadblocks below:

  • Self Doubt

  • Criticism

  • Impatience

  • Discouragement

  • Time-Management

What's the common denominator with all these roadblocks? They are all in my head! My biggest roadblock was myself. I had to realize that success isn't linear and knowing that, I knew roadblocks were going to occur. Don't get stuck on comparing your chapter 1 to someones chapter 10. Remember, setbacks happen to those who have a goal in life and are striving to achieve it. Embrace it!

I encourage you all to right now, answer the following questions above if you haven't already because now you are following the first guideline which is...TO START!