It's All Gucci

Let's start with that it's the middle of January and it's 60 degrees in New York. Wow! I leave my heavy coat at home and get into the car, turn on the radio and start to daydream. There's lots of my mind but a day like today can't go to waste. I start to look at my beautiful surroundings.

I saw a father take his two daughters into J.Crew and he looked so lost but at the same time so appreciative to be spending time with them.

I watched a beautiful family step into a brand new Tesla SUV and getting ready to test drive it. The look on their sons' faces was priceless!

I see two teenage boys amazed by a Shelby Cobra and dreaming that it was theirs.

"Hi! My name is Diana and it's so nice to meet you," said a woman with a big smile on her face as she was greeting multiple new friends.

I walk into Gucci and see a women trying on these beautiful stilettos and when I told her how gorgeous she looked in them, she felt more assured in her upcoming purchase.

Chit-chatting with an employee from Ralph Lauren and how much he loves the brand. He definitely influenced us to visit the stores in the city.

Yes, I watched people shop for beautiful things but I also watched people enjoy their surroundings no matter how big or small. For instance, when the waitress brought me my buffalo chicken sandwich, onion rings and fries from Bare Burger; I was so excited! (and hungry!)

The reason for this post is that no matter what life throws at you, you can always dream. If you are unhappy then focus on what makes you happy. I learned from a mentor of mine that I cannot complain and be appreciative at the same time.

For example, I'm appreciative of my health, my amazing boyfriend, my sister(who is my first subscriber! I have to make sure to add her because I do know she is reading this plus I do love her!) family, my father(who is my hero and who's strength I admire.) my career, mentors in my life, a roof over my head, food on the table, and so much more! I don't need expensive things to be appreciative however, we all have the right to dream and aim for more...

My dream is to have a future family where we can have still have fun together on a Sunday by doing absolutely nothing and enjoying each other's company. I want to have nice cars and nice things...not just for myself but to share with family and enjoy the beautiful things not alone but together.

When I add others to my dreams and goals, it becomes a purpose. We all have a purpose to be on this earth and it's up to you to not let it go to waste by all the negativity around. Start to look at the beautiful things life has to offer.