Loving Yourself Is Not Selfish

February is the month where children write cards to classmates, everyone is enjoying chocolates, restaurants are packed and no more reservations are available, couples getting engaged and flowers are sold out.

February is the month of love. I feel like many of us can be confused and think only “couples” can celebrate valentine's day and in my opinion, that is false. Let’s take a moment to love ourselves whether we are single or have a significant other. We can’t expect others to love us if we don't love ourselves.

What does loving ourselves look like?

To start, it’s listening to our needs. Do we need rest? Do we need time to ourselves? Do we need food? Do we need fresh air?

Next, make yourself a priority. I don't know if you can relate but I’m someone who says “yes” a little too often then I feel guilty and don't have time for myself. Learning to make ourselves a priority is so important and learning to have boundaries. If you are having trouble with setting boundaries, I highly recommend the book: Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How To Say No to Take Control of Your Life.

Do you trust yourself? Do you forgive yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you believe in yourself? If you didn’t answer yes to all those questions, I highly recommend downloading my free download on affirmations. Additionally, I recommend watching this video by Lisa Nichols as she is a prime example of forgiving and loving herself:

I want to expand on forgiving ourselves. We all make mistakes and many of us make choices we aren't always proud of however, don’t get attached to your past. Your past doesn't define you. You are meant to grow from your past. When you grow and learn, there is more space to receive love from yourself and others.

Loving yourself isn’t considered conceited and I feel like many of us have that perception. I feel like if you're trying to “show off” or your intention is to make others envy you, then yes that is you being conceited. However, when you love yourself, you learn what love looks like from others. Don’t let others dim down your shine.

We thrive on love. We need love. We all want love. Start with loving yourself.