Quarantined & Bored At Home

I'm guessing you are bored since you opened a post titled," Quarantined & Bored At Home." You're probably hoping this post will solve your boredom problem and you will feel energized and motivated to do things. However, this post will only work if you tell yourself "I'm going to find something fun to do OR I'm open minded to trying new things." If you're reading this post with the mindset of," My life sucks and there's nothing to do," well.... you're going to find just that!

When I’m bored, I like to search on google “things to do near me.” The only problem is, I cannot go anywhere, I'm broke and everything is cancelled and/or closed!

I don’t know about you however, I have a Go-Go-Go lifestyle. I’m always busy and my calendar is always booked weeks in advance. To be honest, slowing down my lifestyle is a challenge and an eye opener.

Here are some suggestions to do at home to relieve your boredom:

  • Organize - There’s so much to organize! Whether it’s redecorating a room, moving furniture around, and organizing a closet. You mind as well start your Spring cleaning!

  • 2020 Goals Continue - Don’t put a hold on your goals...keep going! Do NOT use this moment as an excuse however, use it as a reason to succeed. Remember, every setback has a comeback!

  • Television - Now’s the time to not feel guilty sitting in front of the television and doing absolutely nothing.

  • Read a book - Personally, I enjoy books where I can learn a new skill. However, read a book that suits you! Nowadays, we have the opportunity to just order a book online or read on a kindle. As a friendly reminder, we do have a book of the month on this blog!

  • Journal - Write (or type!) about your thoughts and feelings. Remember this moment in time will be a history lesson in the future. Take this opportunity to journal whether it’s about the coronavirus outbreak, your feelings, thoughts or on a topic you're interested in.

  • Tutorials - Some of my favorite tutorials are hair and makeup! Take this opportunity to learn something new or to advance a skill. I recommend visiting youtube.com. There's so much to learn!

  • Exercise - Depending on your circumstances, get some fresh air and go for a walk. You can find workouts from home on television or online that are FREE. If you typically go to yoga a few times a week, start meditating and stretching at home. It’s so important to continue physical activity to help relieve stress and to stay healthy.

  • Vision Board - Create a vision board. Go on the computer and get inspired. Checkout trulia.com or pintrest.com. If you choose Trulia, checkout mansions around the world!

  • It's Puppy Time - If you have a dog, teach them new tricks! It will be a fun time for the both of you. I recommend starting with “sit, paw, down, rollover!” You can even give your pup extra TLC (Tender, Love & Care!)

  • Summer Calendar - Start your calendar! Lookup parks, beaches, museums, and places you’d enjoy visiting in the summer. I’m optimistic the outbreak madness will be over by then.

  • Board Game - Play a board game. My personal favorite is Monopoly. That game will definitely keep you busy for a while!

  • Video Chat - Take this extra time to video chat with loved ones!

  • Cook - Learn to cook a new recipe. Try creating a dish with just the ingredients you have at home. Take on the challenge!

  • Relax - Stop worrying about how you should stay busy and maybe just take this time to shut your brain off and relax. Take a nice bath and do a face mask. Shut your phone off. Light a candle and dim the lights. RELAX!

  • Write a letter - It’s uncommon to receive a handwritten letter from someone now. Take the time to do so. Write a letter expressing how much that individual means to you. Have fun with it! I’m sure it will light up their day to receive a letter in the mail rather than a bill!

  • Dance - Play your favorite song and dance!

  • Online Classes - There are so many online classes and webinars being offered during this time. Definitely take advantage of them.

  • Video Games - Play video games that bring back childhood memories. Mario Party? Animal Crossing? Spyro? Just to name a few!

  • Children - If you have kids and have no idea what to do with them. Here are some ideas: Read a story together, color, do a scavenger hunt, create a fort, hide ‘n’ seek or anything you can do together that I mentioned above. I'm sure they appreciate the quality time with you.

Please note, do NOT take your boredom out on your loved ones! If you're feeling anxious, angry or worried try not to bring people down with you. I understand it's easy to feel those emotions, so talk about how you feel with someone you trust rather than lash out on them.

I wish you all health and the absolute best during these tough times however, we will get through it! Enjoy your spare time as time isn't stopping for anyone. It's our most valuable asset. Money is monetary and something we can get back however time, time is something you cannot get back.

I encourage you all to brush your teeth, shower, wear your favorite outfit and feel good about yourself. When you feel good, you will be motivated to try new things.